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A Supervised Agricultural Experience Project (SAE) is the actual, hands-on application of concepts and principles learned in the agricultural education classroom.  Each student is required to complete and maintain records for a minimum of 30 hours on an SAE Project. The different types of SAE projects that you can complete are outlined below.   


Complete hands-on work on a project that relates to agriculture to develop their skills and experience. The student can provide a service, such as a lawn care business, or develop a product, such as an animal project. They must invest in the supplies and equipment needed or have them provided, and track their time and expenses and/or income. Examples include: Raising a garden, market chickens, or operating a small landscaping business. 


Work for someone else either for pay or on a volunteer basis to gain experience (think of it like an internship). The student will keep records of time put in, any income they earn, and skills they develop. Examples include: Working at a local farm, market, home or other agribusinesses.


Conduct an experiment related to agriculture (much like a science fair project). Propose a hypothesis to explore and then record observations, time spent, and materials used in your record book.


Usually involve home or community work. They may be group or individual projects that contribute to the agricultural knowledge and/or skill of a student, and are usually unpaid. Examples include: constructing livestock pens, landscaping the home, renovating a lawn, or volunteering at a farmer’s market.


Outline of Requirements: First year students must only complete 2nd semester requirements

1st Semester Requirements

2nd Semester Requirements


Due Date


Due Date

Complete SAE Poster Boards

First 2 Weeks of School

Create new SAE Projects & Set Goals for 2019 Year


Update Records on


Begin and maintain SAE Project and accumulate hours of work (10 hours minimum before summer)

End of 2nd Semester

Maintain SAE Project and continue to accumulate hours of work (30 hours minimum for year)

During 1st Semester

Update All Records on

End of 2nd Semester

Submit AET Records for Grading

End of 1st Semester

Complete SAE Presentation

End of 2nd Semester




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