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  Welcome to Kenton FFA website. We are an agricultural science program located in Bellefontaine, OH. Our chapter has 116 active AET student accounts and 1 teacher.  

Our students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Please take a look around our site to see what's going on at Kenton FFA.

Keeping accurate records is a major part of your S.A.E. project. You have to keep accurate records of the cost of the feed, your steer, the bedding, and any other supplies. Your records also include how much money you make off of your steer and how much money you spent during your project. It is also a good idea to keep records of any Veterinarian treatment, such as vaccinations. Keeping accurate records will help you manage your project and money better.
Having a Dairy Steer means that one will be required to walk it, even during the winter months. It is important that one keeps walking the steer during the winter months in order to keep the steer halter broke. It is suggested that the Dairy Steer is walked at least once a week.
On this day the garden was fertilized and watered. My little brother helped me and he did really well. We worked for half an hour on it. The flowers are starting to get color.
The lambs are being fed a cup of pellets for the second time that day. Nutrition is a key factor in keeping the sheep healthy. Managing feed helps regulate the sheep
Me pulling up boxes to stock shelves and store use the trash bags so that we can use them at the store.
Exercise is needed often to keep the a lot of belly fat off and the muscle on. Here I am walking one of my hogs. Keeping him at a constant pace so not letting him run or not letting him stop also helps with control. I walk in the morning or in this case a night so its cooler for them so they will not over heat.
Washing and grooming your cow is an important part of taking a Dairy Beef Feeder S.A.E project. It is important to keep your Dairy Beef Feeder clean so that it stays healthy and keeping you calf clean will help prevent diseases. In order to keep your calf clean you have to clean their pen weekly or they will just get dirty again. Feeding and watering your calf is another important part of caring for your Dairy Beef Feeder. I water to my calf two time a days with a gallon bucket. I also feed my calf two times a day.

Student of Kenton City Schools
Combining is another step in farming.  This photo shows me in the combine operating it.  The combine has a special header on it to separate the rows of corn from each other to evenly go into the combine.  Once the corn goes through the combine the corn is then shortly stored in the combine.  When the combine is full I then take it to the grain truck or hopper to be unloaded.  The hopper is a smaller grain wagon that is pulled by a tractor into the field so you can empty the combine into the hopper and keep the combine farming.  The hopper gets emptied into the semi or the grain truck.
It is very important to do a moisture test on your crop product before taking the crop to the elevator.  In this picture I am putting a sample of my corn into the moisture tester. I tested the corn before it was put into the dryer and it had a twenty percent moisture content.  Before I took my corn to the elevator I tested the corn again and it had almost no moisture in the corn.  Testing the moisture before taking it to the elevator is very important because if the crop has high moisture you would get docked at the elevator and lose money.
Cleaning the pen is important to you and the hogs. You need to
Make sure the pigs can stay healthy and keep their pen clean. Cleaning the pen keeps parasites and diseases away, it keeps the pigs clean to. Cleaning is very important for your hogs. 

Student of Kenton City Schools
photo 1.JPG
Here is where i stack my wood when it is all cut up. It is located under a tree house to keep it dry. If the logs are to big for and ax ill use my chain saw to make the process go faster. The sizes of the wood shown vary because of the different methods of cutting. 

Student of Kenton City Schools
In this picture I am securing my pepper plant in the soil to ensure that it will not come out of the soil.
Shearing your lamb is necessary when getting them prepared for a market show. In this picture I am shearing one of our own Heilman lambs for the Hardin County Fair.

Student of Kenton City Schools
Once the noodles lay on the table for about 15-20 minutes, we have to cut the noodles into 6-8 squares. Once we have a pile of squares, one person cranks the handle and another puts the squares into the grinder and moves the pile of noodles when it gets too big.
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HyperLink Congratulations, Mr. President! Jared McNeely is the first member who's Supervised Agricultural Experience we will showcase on SAE Saturday. Jared bales 27 acres of hay spread among 4 fields throughout the county. He then markets that hay to local buyers. Jared is feeding the world one bale at a time.
Date Posted: 6/12/2016

On October 28th, 2015, seventeen students from the Kenton FFA Chapter left for National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. On the first day students had some free time at the career show and FFA mall where they were able to visit many different college and business booths. They attended the opening session with keynote speaker Dr. Rick Rigsby, where there were over 50,000 FFA members across the nation attending. That night students attended the FFA concert with Jake Owen and Maddie and Tae. On Thursday, members went on a tour at Food Chain, where they learned about how their business is ran, and how aquaponics works. Students spent the whole afternoon at the Expo Center where they attended the Second Convention Session and saw the former National FFA Western Region Vice President give his retiring address, and attended a Hypnotist show as a chapter. That night they attended the Buckeye Bash where they were able to meet many different FFA members across the state of Ohio. On Friday, they spent the whole morning touring the Kentucky Horse Park and learned about and saw many different breeds of horses, and enjoyed the gift shop. In the afternoon they took a tour of Harvest Moon Dairy Farm where they learned about how they milk the cows, what they feed them, and what the normal day of a Dairy farmer is like. That evening they attended the 7th session of Convention with Keynote Speaker Brad Montague, Creator of Kid President. On the final day of Convention, Saturday, they attended the final session of the convention where they watched Kenton FFA Members Brandi Barrett, Morgan Houser, Haley Sherman, and Damion Sheldon get their American FFA Degree, the highest degree the National FFA can award an FFA Member.

Date Posted: 11/30/2015

During the beginning weeks of September, FFA members sold over 1,400 different mums, making over $11,000! Members of the chapter had the option to use two dollars from every mum that they sold toward any FFA activity. The 8th period ag business class sold the most mums and won a pizza party for their efforts. The Kenton-OHP FFA chapter would like to thank every member who participated in the event and every community member that purchased these mums. A special shout out to Lovina's Greenhouse for providing a variety of different colored mums for us to sell.

Date Posted: 11/2/2015

Kenton FFA members that attended the October Meeting that was also the Hardin County Cookout. This is  with neighboring schools from county. State officers, Madison Sheanan, State Vice President At-Large, and Matthew Klopfenstein, State President joined FFA members and engaged members in famous FFA camp activities, creating bonding throughout the county between members. Also, thanks to Althauser Honey Farms, members were able to paint pumpkins of their choice. They delivered them away as gifts to the community's nursing homes.
Date Posted: 11/2/2015

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For information about Kenton FFA , please contact:
Kenton-OHP FFA
2280 State Route 540
Bellefontaine, OH 43311

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