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  Welcome to Kenton- OHP FFA website. We are an agricultural science program located in Bellefontaine, OH. Our chapter has 134 active AET student accounts and 1 teacher.  

Our students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Please take a look around our site to see what's going on at Kenton- OHP FFA.

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I walk my calf twice a day. This gives him plenty of exercise and helps build his muscle mass. It also helps establish my authority over him. While walking him I can teach him how to stand for show and what I expect him to do during shows.
Once the noodles lay on the table for about 15-20 minutes, we have to cut the noodles into 6-8 squares. Once we have a pile of squares, one person cranks the handle and another puts the squares into the grinder. This is another example of a similar noodle cutter that I bought, since my Amish friends moved away. This example picture is showing the actual cutting of the noodles. This is the size of noodles that I usually make, but I can make them into a thicker size of noodles with the machine.
Here is where i cut most of my wood. I drag the wood to this location so i can choose if the wood needs a chain saw or an ax. The longer and lengthy the wood the more likely i am to use an ax. This saves ware and tear on the chain saw. 

Student of Kenton City Schools
Here is where i stack my wood when it is all cut up. It is located under a tree house to keep it dry. If the logs are to big for and ax ill use my chain saw to make the process go faster. The sizes of the wood shown vary because of the different methods of cutting. 

Student of Kenton City Schools
In the spring when the ground has thawed out is the time when you prepare the field for planting. Here I am plowing the field with the tractor. You must use the disc to flip the dirt.
Having a clean pen is the key to clean, happy, and healthy animals. I spot clean my calves pen every other day and clean out the entire pen once a week. Having a clean pen helps to ward disease, and happy cows.
After the dough is cut into 5-6 pieces out of the oval shaped finished dough, we roll the dough through the crank to flatten the pieces out. The pieces of dough need to be flattened twice until they are about 4 feet long.  I bought a noodle cutter like the one shown in this picture. It was necessary for my business to strive since I could no longer use this one and it is a huge asset to my business. I can make smaller or larger cuts of noodles with this machine, as well as flattens them as shown
the longer and Skinner the wood the easier it is to ax. It takes a lot of effort to swing a ax hard enough to cut wood. A chain saw is more elective however it is more costly. I stack the axed wood in a different location because that are easier to stack.
At the time this picture was taken I was feeding my calf five scoops a day. At the end of the project I was up to feeding my calf eight scoops a day.

Student of Kenton City Schools
Here I am watching the equipment to see if there are any problems that I would have to fix.
Once the egg yolks and the egg whites are separated from each other, the 9 dozen egg yolks get mixed with a little bit of water and about 7 pounds of flour. The long, exhausting mixing of the sticky, thick dough starts and we have to switch stirrers almost every 5 minutes. There
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91st National FFA Convention

October 24th-October 26th the Kenton OHP FFA chapter attended the 2018 National FFA Convention. During the convention, members sat in on many sessions and listened to valuable keynote speakers. One session the Kenton FFA chapter attended congratulated the 75th anniversary of John Deere partnering with National FFA. During this session, members heard a speech from the CEO of John Deere, and everyone received a pin commemorating the 75th anniversary. Apart from sessions, members also had the wonderful experience of attending a concert, with the performer Garth Brooks. The concert was a fun and exciting way for the members to spend time together and enjoy National FFA Convention. Former members of the Kenton OHP FFA chapter Kolt Buchenroth, Kelli Haudenschield, and Hayden Sherman received their American degrees, the highest and most prestigious degree available.

Date Posted: 11/5/2018

Kenton OHP FFA, The Month of September ?By Lenore Kohl 10/9/18

The month of September was packed full of activities for the Kenton FFA chapter. Starting off the month was the Hardin County Fair, where our chapter members represented every species. Samantha Unger took home the reserve champion for beef feeders, while Kody Buchenroth took home the grand champion with his dairy beef feeders. Meredith Bischoff also took home a Grand Champion for her breeding goats. Other than showing, there were other successes in the chapter. Chase Fleece was crowned Fair King.

Also in the month of September was the Kenton FFA chapter’s Fun Night, where members gathered for a cookout and a movie. The following Monday was also the chapter’s September meeting. The meeting was held at the fairgrounds, and members were welcome to stay for a fire and s’mores. The Hardin Northern Soils invitational took place on September 19, and districts followed soon after on September 27. The night of the 28th was also an enjoyable event for the Kenton FFA chapter members. The members were able to ride in floats in the homecoming parade that took place that evening. At the end of the parade the chapter had a tailgate where members who rode in the parade could get dinner. The month of September was full of activities for the Kenton OHP FFA.

Date Posted: 10/12/2018

HyperLink Congratulations, Mr. President! Jared McNeely is the first member who's Supervised Agricultural Experience we will showcase on SAE Saturday. Jared bales 27 acres of hay spread among 4 fields throughout the county. He then markets that hay to local buyers. Jared is feeding the world one bale at a time.
Date Posted: 6/12/2016

On October 28th, 2015, seventeen students from the Kenton FFA Chapter left for National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. On the first day students had some free time at the career show and FFA mall where they were able to visit many different college and business booths. They attended the opening session with keynote speaker Dr. Rick Rigsby, where there were over 50,000 FFA members across the nation attending. That night students attended the FFA concert with Jake Owen and Maddie and Tae. On Thursday, members went on a tour at Food Chain, where they learned about how their business is ran, and how aquaponics works. Students spent the whole afternoon at the Expo Center where they attended the Second Convention Session and saw the former National FFA Western Region Vice President give his retiring address, and attended a Hypnotist show as a chapter. That night they attended the Buckeye Bash where they were able to meet many different FFA members across the state of Ohio. On Friday, they spent the whole morning touring the Kentucky Horse Park and learned about and saw many different breeds of horses, and enjoyed the gift shop. In the afternoon they took a tour of Harvest Moon Dairy Farm where they learned about how they milk the cows, what they feed them, and what the normal day of a Dairy farmer is like. That evening they attended the 7th session of Convention with Keynote Speaker Brad Montague, Creator of Kid President. On the final day of Convention, Saturday, they attended the final session of the convention where they watched Kenton FFA Members Brandi Barrett, Morgan Houser, Haley Sherman, and Damion Sheldon get their American FFA Degree, the highest degree the National FFA can award an FFA Member.

Date Posted: 11/30/2015

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